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Hi I am kiki , a Germany based portrait photographer originally from Shanghai, China. My speciality is nature light portrait photography , my goal during every photo shoot is to create a confident-rich environment where my clients can truly let their unique beauty shine. I also see myself as a good storyteller - I have the ability to create each single portrait photo so it speaks to the individual story of my client. In recent years I also started to do Interior Photography. Fashion inspired and Lifestyle is at the center of my interior photography. Having the passion of seeking beauty in daily life is an essential quality of a photographer. Besides that,I have always had passion for travel .I have been travelling around the world, exploring different culture and meeting new people.And I love to dive deep into the local atmosphere,talk with individuals so that I can better understand the wonderful variety of cultures. I enjoy a lot seeing life through my camera lens and capturing and preserving memories for others and for myself too.As time goes by, the view in which I see the world is getting more pure and more simple. I have also been asking myself, how can I be so passionate about photography for all these years?The initial answer is that I am always curious about this world. Gradually, I have a deeper understanding of this.For me, photography is more than just a habit, but an addiction that cannot be let go.You can contact me anytime at

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